about us

Family business

"Shelterrock Paradise is a family business consisting of father, mother and three sons and we have been open since 2016!

How did we get the name Shelterrock Paradise? Shelterrock Paradise stands for:

Shelter - A hiding place, a location to recover after a lot of unrest.

Rock - Shelterrock Paradise is located at the top of a mountain which is why Rock (= Rock) is a fitting name.

Paradise - Until the moment you drive back to get to Shelterrock Paradise you do not expect that you will end up in paradise.

Shelterrock Paradise aims to make people relax. When there is a lot of turbulence in your life, you can always come to us to evaluate.

Shelterrock Paradise focuses on local meals prepared in a traditional way. For example, on Friday night we have coconut evening, where meals in fresh coconuts cook for hours over hot coals!

You can then choose from: Chicken, Stewed meat, goat, Shrimp, Fish, Vegetarian or Seafood mix!

At 19:00 we get the coconuts, which have been able to cook for hours, out of the fire and then you can walk by at the buffet, with very tasty local side dishes, to see what you like best with your coconut meal!"